Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Case Study - Paris Smith & Worldox

Paris Smith Implemented Worldox to simplify, control and manage documents throughout the business.

About the company:
Paris Smith LLP is one of the largest regional law firms in Central Southern England. As a full service law firm, Paris Smith have a clear vision of the future, and pride themselves on evolving to meet the ever-increasing demands and pressures of businesses and individuals alike.
Business Challenge:
As a part of Paris Smith's strategy the firm must take advantage of the latest technology to support the growth of the business. In particular to deliver an efficient service, to promote remote working and reduce paper. After a review of current systems it was decided a new way of managing the firm's vast knowledge base and information was necessary. 
A number of issues were identified
  • Documents were stored in various areas including Windows folders, paper files,, scanned images and email. Retrieval of documents posed a challenge because of the reliance on staff knowledge how to efficiently locate them.
  • There was a requirement for complete matter files to be held electronically to include all the correspondence including emails. This would allow staff with the right permissions to quickly locate information and documents. 
  • Reliance on paper gives rise to storage costs, an element of risk with the challenge of retaining a backup of data and also poses a challenge with the physical space requirements inherent in storing paper. 
  • Paper-based systems also make it hard to easily implement an "ethical-wall", whereby access to certain files is only granted to specific staff. 
Further requirements included a full integration with MS Outlook due to the current, heavy reliance on email to communicate

Any solution also had to be Citrix compliant in order to be compatible with the firm's standard environment and support remote working with the future option of going into the cloud.  

A number of solutions were reviewed and Worldox Document Management came out as a clear winner. Worldox allows Paris Smith solicitors to instantly view any document or email associated with a specific client, matter or project, dramatically improving efficiency. It facilitates collaboration among legal teams. The entire firm can benefit from the knowledge in documents that have already been created, even if the individuals who created them have left the firm. It's a vital part in their plan to significantly reduce their reliance on paper files.

Next steps include implementing a secure sharing portal which will allow documents and sensitive information to be shared and communicated without the risk inherent in email communications. This will include a tailored Worldox environment to suit each department and their way of working with documents and sharing best practices. In addition, the portal will provide an improved audit trail and a level of collaboration at document level.

To find out what Benefits Worldox has brought to the company, and what Paris Smith have to say, read the full case study on our website.