Friday, November 11, 2016

Case Study - LeAF Academy

LeAF Academy has cut their print costs by 40% within the first month of working with Copyrite

About the Company:
Bournemouth based LeAF Academy is a shared campus with common aims, creating the joint vision for achievement and attainment. 
It consists of Elm Academy, Oak Academy and LeAF Studio. The Academy was established in 2012 and provides education to over 1300 students.

Business Challenges:
LeAF Academy needed to improve service, support and accountability of their print fleet. They had a large number of desktop printers, which were difficult and costly to maintain.
The Academy was spending large amounts on print every month. This was predominantly due to the following reasons:
  • It was not possible to monitor what was being printed and who was printing it
  • There were significant quantities of wasted paper
  • It was not possible to analyse trends between departments and sites
As the Academy offers innovative design technology courses there was a requirement to procure cutting edge 3D printers. A latest technology photo printer was also essential to support photography and media courses.

To find how Copyrite was able to help, and what solutions were put in place, read the rest of the case study on our website.

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