Friday, August 21, 2015

Ricoh D5510 Interactive Whiteboard

Watch the video to find out how to use the innovative Ricoh D5510 Interactive Whiteboard for live collaboration between 2 or more offices or users.

The Ricoh D5510 Whiteboard brings innovation, faster decision making and increased productivity to all those businesses that heavily rely on communication and sharing tools in their everyday working environment.

Features and Benefits

Ready to Use
The D5510 is immediately ready to use the moment you switch it on. There is no software to install and the controller is built in.

Superior Image Quality
The D5510 delivers full HD resolution making it crystal clear to review everything from large scale images to small designs.  The digital pen keeps pace with the presenters hand movements for fine and bold handwriting when annotating on documents. A temporary finger activated high lighter is also available.

Real Time Remote Collaboration
The D5510 can connect with other D5510 devices at different locations to view and mark up documents for team based collaboration.

Secure Data
The D5510 can only connect to another device with a remote licence on a local network. Users set a 4 digit meeting passcode to prevent unauthorised access. 

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