Thursday, July 31, 2014

Press Release - Dyer & Butler

Managed Print Service at Dyer & Butler combines hardware and software to reduce costs and waste yet increases functionality, reliability and security. 

Founded in 1979, Dyer and Butler is a regional civil engineering and building contractor that undertakes a wide range of often complex projects throughout England and Wales.
Quality, the environment, and sustainability are strategic issues so unreliable and expensive multi-function devices had to be replaced.

The service support on their MFDs needed to be improved as operational issues such as late toner replacements adversely affected productivity. A hardware supplier with strong software and IT expertise was required to help with their scanning and print management software. A proven track record of supporting these systems was essential.

Ian Stewart, Director of Copyrite explained "The MFDs were replaced; 38 faster and more reliable Ricoh devices were installed across the 17 sites. A single pass document feeder now enables scanning both sides concurrently, increasing productivity on every device. Copyrite implemented a Managed Service to cut print costs while giving visibility and control of all printing and importantly, to improve productivity and reduce the environmental footprint."

To find out in detail how Managed Print Services, PaperCut Print Management, and M3i (scanning interface) in a multi-faceted approach combining software and hardware enabled Dyer & Butler to stand by their principles of quality, sustainability and support for the environment, you can read the full press release on our website