Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Big Green and Little Green

Another interesting Green Breakfast took place this morning in partnership with Blake Lapthorn and Business South. After a networking breakfast we listened to an informative presentation from Helen Wray - Head of Safety, Environment and ECM at Southampton Airport. She summarised all green initiatives they have implemented at the airport and also what they are planning for the future. Our favourite part was the Noise reduction project and how they are combating it.

This was followed by a presentation by James Deacon - Head of Corporate Responsibility at Ricoh UK, who covered Ricoh as a Green Manufacturer, its role in a Circular economy and also some potentially unpopular new initiatives concerning their car fleet optimisation with goals to "green up" and reduce travel. A lively discussion followed with more networking after.

We are looking forward to the next Green Breakfast on Tuesday 20th May. The topic is Big Green and Little Green, with Charles Burt from Olive Consultancy focusing on bigger picture facing us today and Dr Andy Stanford-Clark from IBM who has green passions on a more micro-scale, sharing his hobbies of home automation and for energy saving at home.

Not to be missed!