Friday, March 28, 2014

South Coast Green Breakfasts

Following the Success of the South Coast Green Breakfast series of the last two years, Blake Lapthorn are teaming up this spring with Copyrite and Business South and are pleased to be launching their fourth series of the networking events.

What is a 'green breakfast'?
not as indigestable as it sounds!

The aim of the green breakfast is to facilitate the meeting of a range of people form across the wider community to learn about and discuss the challenges and opportunities presented by climate change and sustainability in an informal but informative atmosphere.

The breakfasts have attracted a diverse audience including academics, professionals, representatives from local government, NGO's, social enterprises, community groups and business people.

How do they work?
Each breakfast starts at 7:30am for breakfast (including lots of coffee!)
At 8:00am we welcome the expertise of an external speaker who talks about a climate change and sustainability related topic for about 45 minutes followed by a Q&A session - which can get quite lively!
there is the opportunity to network before and after the speaker.

Each event takes place at Blake Lapthorn, New Kings Court, Tollgate, Chandler's Ford SO53 3LG

There is no cost to attend these events, its completely free! but you need to register via our website

The 4 dates with their speakers are:
Tuesday 1st April: Green Excellence
Speakers: Mat Jane, University of Winchester; Ben Summerfield, Copyrite

Tuesday 29th April: Global Green Construction
Speaker: Jonathan Ben-Ami, Leader of Sustainability Consulting team

Tuesday 6th May: Green Business
Speakers: Patrick Collins, Southampton Airport; James Deacon, Ricoh

Tuesday 20th May: Big Green and Little Green
Speakers: Charles Burt, Olive Consultancy; Dr Andy Stanford-Clark, IBM

To find out more, and to register FREE for any or all of these events please visit our website