Thursday, July 25, 2013

Speed is of the Essence!

Rural homes and businesses in Dorset will soon be feeling the benefits of superfast broadband revealed the Bournemouth Echo recently.

Copyrite was used as a case study at the media launch of the £31.75m deal between DCC and BT on 11th July at Lulworth Castle.

David Beale attended the media launch on behalf of Copyrite at Lulworth and contributed to the case study, which is shown below:

"Superfast Business case study – Copyrite

The business
Wimborne based Copyrite was formed 20 years ago and is a total office technology provider, including service and consultancy across document network printing & photocopiers, business software, information technology and web design.
Starting out as a photocopier company, market developments have driven the company to evolve to deliver and support total document solutions as well as the accompanying information technology needs. The business employs around 60 people.
The company has always placed a strong emphasis on customer service and this has contributed to their outstanding growth. They now have a customer base of around 2,000 customers from major multi-site global companies to SMEs and not for profit organisations.
As well as an HQ in Wimborne, Copyrite has satellite offices in Romsey and Warsash. Employees also work remotely from various locations.
Speed is of the essence
Copyrite had been managing on download speeds of under 10 Mbps. After installing Superfast broadband the two lines in Wimborne now operate at over 37Mpbs, with the Warsash office at around 45Mbps and improvements planned for Romsey.
David Beale, Copyrite’s Technology Consultant, said: “As a company reliant on high speed networks we have completely embraced superfast broadband and love the business benefits and the ways in which we have grown as a result”
“Copyrite started trading 20 years ago as a photocopier supply and maintenance company. At that time photocopiers were a standalone product, and then those products evolved into multifunctional networked printers that were much more intelligent. We moved with this technology and started to install business networks. The requirements kept increasing and became more IT based so we seized the opportunity and established an IT division, which is now trading as Criterion IT. That started six years ago and it has grown to a stage where there are now 16 employees in this area of our business.
“Superfast has made a huge difference to this part of the business. Before if a clients server or computer went wrong and network links were poor, you might send support personnel to visit that site. This affected fix times for the customer and impacted costs, this could mean that some businesses were fairly unhappy with the service and the price of supporting their networks. But with high speed broadband a large portion of the support can be done from our offices. We can remotely access client equipment literally anywhere (including a client that we have in Edinburgh), and can remotely interrogate them, find out what the problem is and in a lot of the cases fix it remotely. By constantly monitoring our client’s servers we can tell if one is performing poorly, is running out of resources or other problems and rather than being reactive we can be proactive, remote in if possible or send out a technician to fix it before the client even knows there’s anything wrong. All that is based around high speed broadband. Those facilities are integral to our business and without it we could not offer those types of services.”
Software solution and cloud based computing
“We have partnered with a company in Bournemouth who host our cloud services. Our clients are able to access our cloud through their superfast broadband giving vast improvements over old connections. Their data is automatically safe and off site. Our partner in Bournemouth replicates that data to another data centre in London so that there are multiple copies safely stored across different locations. We wouldn’t be able to offer cloud back up without superfast so that has been another aspect that has worked out superbly.”
Hot desk opportunities
“In the past we would always have a significant number sales & support employees coming to our office to access internal IT systems simply because of the performance issues accessing them remotely. Now staff have their laptops and anyone who has superfast at home can have a VoIP phone as their extension. They can communicate directly with any incoming calls to our Wimborne office and access our business systems without delays. Remote working is fantastic, we have now halved the office space for sales people and reduced travel costs.”
The future
“We’re delighted with everything that superfast broadband has brought, we just love it, and when another speed comes up we’ll jump on that as well. It has helped our business develop and grow and all sorts of communications have been improved. “Our company has grown to an annual turnover now over £6 million. Our sales this year have been excellent with amazing orders with FTSE 250 companies. It has been fantastic and, as we’re always on the lookout for further opportunities, the growth will continue."

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Celebrating 20 Years of Copyrite

Last week saw us celebrating 20 years of Copyrite. We know, we know, we're looking good for our age!

 We visited the beautiful Beaulieu Abbey for the day which allowed us to show our appreciation to all our members of staff as well as some of our very valued customers.  After we had had a chance to meet and greet the guests, we were entertained by a fantastic short film depicting our esteemed directors Phil and Ian as James Bond(s), with a show stealing performance from Adam Willsher as the evil villain. Many thanks to Matt Willsher of Teardrop Films for putting the film together for us. 

After Ian and Phil had thanked everyone for attending and organising the event, guests were treated to a 3 course meal, which was followed by a prize raffle draw. Congratulations to Helen Russell from Salisbury Cathedral Enterprises who won £1000 which she has chosen to donate to the 8th Salisbury Scout Group. 

Ahhhh, Mr Bond....s!

Some of the guests took the opportunity to look round the Beaulieu Motor Museum after the event, and many commented on the lovely venue. Thank you to the staff at Beaulieu who helped the day to run so smoothly.

Finally, many thanks to both Denise Day and Katie Clark for organising such a fantastic day. So much hard work and planning was put into the day, and it was evident from the guests happy faces that fun was had by all!

            See Teardrop Films website for details and examples of their work:

Happy Birthday Ian!

As well as celebrating our 20th year of trading this year, we also had a big birthday this month!

Ian Stewart turned 50 at the beginning of July (I know, he doesn't look a day over 49!) and we covered the office in photos, balloons and banners. If you know Ian, you'll know he was really embarrassed (not!) and Phil presented him with a few gifts from everyone in the company.

He managed to hold back the tears as he thanked everyone in the company and assured us it was a pleasure to work here. Bless! Happy Birthday Ian!