Thursday, June 13, 2013

New Case Study - 20 Years of Blake Lapthorn & Copyrite

Copyrite extends its 20 year hardware, software and support partnership with leading law firm - Blake Lapthorn
Papercut Print Management Solution is implemented to reduce costs.
Blake Lapthorn, one of the leading law firms in the South East has been working with Copyrite for 20 years for the supply, support and maintenance of multi-functional peripherals (MFPs), software and technical support.
In a challenging legal market, Blake Lapthorn has needed a partner to understand its key business objectives: streamlining service delivery, delivering responsiveness, consistency, quality assurance and value that clients want. Copyrite has achieved this by offering integrated solutions and real value for money.
Director of Copyrite, Ian Stewart understood how much was spent on print and the potential for real savings. As a result, the company standardised their MFPs to 4 models to achieve:
  • ease of use and uniformity for users
  • efficiencies (e.g. supplies)
  • fleet management
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Friday, June 7, 2013

Press Release - LSN Industry Voices

LSN Industry Voices is a series in which Legal Support Network partners give their insight into the legal market.

In this Industry Voice, Phil Ford, Director of Copyrite Business Solutions, talks about cutting costs by controlling print behaviour and using a document management system to become more efficient and profitable.

It asks questions like:

What's the biggest or most important thing that law firms will be doing in five years time that they're not doing now?

What could law firms do to work more effectively with suppliers in your area?

What could law firms learn from businesses in other sectors, such as yours?

What are the top things firms couls do to be more efficient/profitable? 

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New Case Study - Beaucroft School

Beaucroft is a Foundation Special School in Wimborne, Dorset dedicated to 150 children, aged 4 to 19 who have learning difficulties.

Managing the increasing volumes of paperwork in any school environment is critical yet more paper is produced in a Special Educational Needs (SEN) school.
Beaucroft School was storing documents in the roof as there was no more space for filing cabinets. If information had to be provided to Local Authorities, Law Courts or other organisations, paper stores in multiple locations needed to be searched and sometimes the document could not be found.

Under the Freedom of Information Act, schools are required to maintain a retention schedule to determine the length of time that records need to be retained and the action that should be taken when they are of no further use. At Beaucroft school, financial information relating to staff must be kept until the age of 85, children's paperwork until the age of 25 and accounting information is retained for 6 years.

Where lengthy retention periods are attached to records, converting paper to digital is essential to enable data to be stored and shared, sometimes at very short notice.

Sharon Morris, School Business Manager explained "We initially considered handling the project ourselves but realised we had neither the time or the resources. Copyrite understands the school and our business processes. 75 boxes of paperwork were scanned onto CD with indexing information for easy and fast retrieval. We now have an on-going paper to digital process with Copyrite; any paper documents that need to be scanned and indexed go directly to Copyrite."

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