Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Coles Miller Implements our Green Managed Print Solution

One of Dorset leading Law Firms, Coles Miller, recently rolled out it’s new Fully Managed Print Solution supplied by Copyrite.
The firm, who have 14 partners and 120 staff, reduced their internal printing devices from 83 to 50. The installation included ‘Papercut’ print management software which will provide them with up to date statistics of what is being printed and by who.
High speed scanners will now be available to all staff enabling documents to be distributed and stored without the need for unnecessary printing. All incoming faxes will now also be distributed electronically via email .
"We looked into our firms document workflow in great detail prior to making this decision" said Martin Ford-Horne, Director of Finance; "I am convinced that what we have done will have a major impact on the firm  with regard to our environmental responsibilities, staff efficiency and of course cost  reductions".

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Coming to a Copier near you?

Cheeky Chris Cheney one of our super engineers has got a nice new van after racking up the miles on the old one servicing copiers all over the country.
We thought it would look better with new livery as well.
see what you think?  keep a look out for it. . . it could be coming your way!