Wednesday, June 6, 2012

The Force is strong in this one!

Never let it be said that Copyrite is age-ist as this week we celebrated our oldest employee's 70th Birthday!
Richard gets to grips with unwrapping!
Richard Mumford, who has been at Copyrite for 12 years, ran the company Quilver before that, which Copyrite bought in 2000.
Richard has worked tirelessly for many years and shows no signs of stopping yet, being the first one in the building at 7.30 most mornings! His spare time is spent doing gardening, DIY and going to circuit classes at the gym.
On being asked what his secret was, Richard swears by his daily cold bath (rather than swearing IN it, like the rest of us would!). Well whatever his secret is its clearly working - so many happy returns Richard, from all of us at Copyrite, and may the Force continue to be with you for many years to come!