Thursday, April 26, 2012

Well Done Denise!

Congratulations to our very own Denise Day who completed the London Marathon last Sunday! She worked incredibly hard with her training, as well as her fund raising, and managed to raise over her £1600 target for the charity Asthma UK.We're all very proud of her here at Copyrite, and look forward to seeing her complete it again next year...maybe!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Cloud Computing- Benefits and Risks!

Mike Burden, head of IT at Copyrite, has been published in the April/May edition of New Business Matters, discussing the benefits and risks of Cloud Computing. It highlights the importance of exercising some caution when adopting Cloud Computing; ensuring the capabilities of the computer provider are sufficient, as well as checking the agreement terms so that there is minimal bother if you choose to exit the agreement.

Cloud Computing allows it’s users to access data and systems from anywhere, which in turn lowers the cost of maintaining servers and applications. However you need not transfer your whole IT system to the Cloud, many choose to start with email messaging services or backup processing. Others choose to move their applications to cloud based solution (often referred to as Software as a Service- SaaS).

As there are an ever-growing number of providers, the choice of where to go can be difficult. There is no one best answer for the perfect provider, so seek help and guidance! If your IT provider isn’t talking to you about this yet, we can help. Just call Copyrite and start taking steps to better deploy your IT.