Friday, November 4, 2011

Great South Run

As you may have heard from Twitter and LinkedIn, a team from Copyrite entered the Great South Run (along with 24000 other runners!) last Sunday 30th Oct to raise money for Brendoncare, a charity supporting older people.
the Copyrite team consisted of Phil Ford, Ian Stewart, Adam Willsher, Diane Littlecott, John Grey, Denise Day and originally Katie Clark, but as Katie was injured in training Ricky Beach stood in for her at the last minute.

Well we all managed to finish, with the following times, in finish order.
Adam Willsher - 1:26:57 (4430th place)
Phil Ford - 1:29:54 (5560th place)
Diane Littlecott - 1:37:34 (8365th place)
Ricky Beach (Katie) - 1:44:06 (10729th place)
Ian Stewart - 1:47:44 (11797th place)
John Grey - 1:56:08 (13684th place)
Denise Day - 1:56:08 (13685th place)

check out some of the pictures below!

With Brendoncare - Looking far too enthusiastic at the start!

Adam, Ian & Phil before the run

Adam with a thumbs up in the centre

Phil still going strong

Ian Stewart - what can we say?. . . . .

6 of us at the finish - still standing!

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  1. Well done guys, hope you're all well - miss you all!!!

    farqy x