Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Get it Right First Time!

First of a series of Quick Green Tips from Ricoh to help save money and resources in the office

Get it Right First Time!

Before you print a document, check it for mistakes in preview mode in order to avoid wasted prints.

The average employee prints 6 wasted pages per day. That amounts to 1,410 wasted pages per year per

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Copyrite, Ricoh and a spot of Golf!

Ricoh, our key partner and supplier have been involved in a couple of small golfing events recently!

Ricoh Women’s British Open

29 July – 1 August, 2010

Ricoh were headline sponsors (for the 3rd year running) of the Women's British Open which took place from 29 July - 1 August 2010, at The Royal Birkdale Golf Club.
4 days of Ladies Golfing resulted in Yani Tseng winning the tournament

In addition to the Sponsorship Ricoh is also the official supplier of printing solutions behind the scenes.
In line with their CR and sustainability commitment, during this year's tournament, Ricoh pledged to plant 1 tree for every eagle and 1000 trees for every hole-in-one or albatross scored during the tournament.

2010 Ryder Cup

1 - 3 October, 2010

Ricoh have an exclusive contract with the 2010 Ryder Cup as the preferred supplier of Document and Print Solutions.
Ricoh technology is used to assist the worlds media in covering this prestigious event.
A mix of Ricoh multifunctional products and printers was used across the Celtic Manor resort including in the media centre, tournament offices and hospitality areas, to manage all press and organisers' print, copy, fax and scan requirements.

Copyrite is a key partner to Ricoh across the UK and is their primary partner in the Hampshire and Dorset region.

As a Ricoh dealer for over 15 years we have not only sold their equipment but also acted as a service agent for Ricoh. Quote from Sonia Sheikh, Ricoh UK Channel Marketing Manager "During this time your commitment to high quality customer service has ensured that our own direct customers have benefited as well as your own. When you have been called upon to service on our behalf we have not had a single complaint over the years. Certainly a record of which you should be proud and we thank you for"

thanks Sonia!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Tracey Woods (Jobshop), Phil Ford, Cindy Emery & Lillian Simcock (Copyrite)


Building contacts and developing reciprocal business relationships has been the cornerstone of commerce for decades and is the main principle behind the British Chamber of Commerce. Local companies, Poole based recruitment agency, Jobshop UK, and Wimborne based total office technology company, Copyrite Business Solutions, have been implementing their reciprocal business understanding since 1997, an arrangement that has proved beneficial to both organisations.

“Jobshop UK is always our first port of call for administrative staff”, says Phil Ford, Sales Director of Copyrite Business Solutions. “We have worked with the agency for over 13 years and they always provide us with first rate candidates, who have been properly screened, tested and meet our exact specifications”, he concluded.

Over the years Jobshop UK has supplied Copyrite with numerous administrative personnel and even an engineer. Just recently Copyrite has engaged Jobshop UK candidates Cindy Emery as Works Controller and Lillian Simcock as an Administrator.

In response Jobshop UK has placed its requirement for technical solutions in the hands of Copyrite, which has supplied it with a range of business services. Copyrite provides technology solutions to over 1500 customers across the UK, offers sourcing, service and consultancy across a range of Information Technology, Business Software and Network Printing solutions.

Both companies believe in buying locally, wherever possible, to help boost the local economy. Towards this end, Jobshop UK and Copyrite have both signed up to “Buy Dorset” a website focused on promoting Dorset businesses and their activities to other businesses and the community at large in Dorset.
“Business to business sales offers you an opportunity to develop reciprocal relationships that can have far reaching benefits for your own company as well as your customers”, says Tracey Wood, Director, Jobshop UK. “Developing constructive partnerships with other businesses can help you manage your company more efficiently”, she concluded.

How Secure is Your Data?


It is common knowledge that computers store information on hard disk drives.

What we must also be aware of is that many of our printers, multifunctional printers and copiers may also use hard disks that record and store data. It is the data that remains on these hard disks once you have disposed of the equipment that could pose a security risk.

Security of data is a legal requirement under the UK’s 1998 Data Protection Act. This requires us to ensure the complete removal of all data from redundant equipment which is essential if we are to maintain the security and integrity of data. Failure to comply could result in a £500,000 fine or even a prison sentence.

So what security options are available for these hard drives?

Below is an overview of options available to those of us who identify concerns related to hard disk security on MFPs and printers. These options address security issues during the equipments service life and at the time of return.

Data Overwrite Security System (DOSS):
DOSS overwrites the sector of the hard drive used for data processing after the completion of each job. During the overwrite process, all data is destroyed to prevent recovery. Additionally, DOSS also offers the option of overwriting the entire hard drive up to eight times. This feature may be used at the end of the lease or if the device is moved to another department. Overwriting the entire hard drive takes a few hours and can be added before or after the initial sale.

Hard Drive Encryption Option:
This option provides security for information that needs to be stored on the MFP or printer and used again. Examples of information that may need to be stored for reuse include administrator and user passwords and address books. The Hard Drive Encryption Option differs from DOSS in that the information encrypted is not destroyed, but locked up so only authorised users may access the information. DOSS destroys data so it cannot be reused. The Hard Drive Encryption Option and DOSS may be used in conjunction and will not interfere with MFP or printer operation.

Hard Drive Surrender at Lease-End/Trade-in:
Copyrite is able to offer customers a hard drive surrender option with which customers may elect to have our technicians remove the hard drive from the device and leave it in the custody of the customer before the equipment is removed from the site. Customers then have the discretion to maintain or destroy the hard drive.

If any of the above has made you question your own data security and you would like to discuss any of the above issues then please feel free to contact us.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

We have a Winner!

Our recent iPad competition proved so popular we have decided to run it again, through October to December, with another draw taking place on 17th December.
See our website for further details

Our September winner (also announced on the website) was Steve Cannell of Bournemouth English Book Centre (BEBC). Steve is planning to hold a company raffle for the iPad to raise money for The Breast Cancer Campaign charity.
The Picture below shows Rosy Jones, the Operations Manager at BEBC, receiving the prize on Steve's behalf, from Phil Ford, one of our Directors.

If you'd like to have a go at winning an iPad, while at the same time helping to streamline your business, book in for one of our Technology Health Checks via the website and we'll enter you into the next draw.
Its Win-Win!