Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Win an iPad with Copyrite!

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The chance to win an iPad while streamlining your business and reducing overheads:

Understanding how efficiently your office technology is operating could be the key to unlocking hidden profit.
Print alone accounts for the third largest overhead in business next to staffing and premises, so the combined burden of all technology has enormous potential to release savings and additional profit by uncovering inefficiencies.

Copyrite is able to offer supplies and services across many areas of office technology including:
  • Print 
  • Electronic document management, storage, archiving, distribution, creation, routing and workflow
  • Data capture
  • Scanning
  • IT
  • Web design
Our ‘Health check’ is a service provided by us in order to quickly make an assessment of whether there are any potential areas for further investigation that would benefit your business. Where we do identify areas for increased efficiency, ROI is often less than 12 months. For an opportunity to win the new Apple iPad (a revolution towards going paperless!), all you have to do is follow the link above, and book your free ‘health check’ using the form on the website.
All names will be entered into our free prize draw and the winner will be announced on our website on the 24th September 2010. 

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Help! I think I've lost it!

By Katie Rogers, Copyrite Business Solutions

These days it makes no difference what industry you work in, we are all governed by many rules and regulations that are sometimes changed on a weekly basis by many of the governing bodies.
Most businesses have to keep paperwork for at least 7 years, some information for a lifetime, this information continues to grow and become less and less manageable.
Some companies invest in off-site storage, this results in an on-going cost and also has a retrieval cost attached to YOUR information.
Other smaller businesses end up having to use a third bedroom or garage as a form of storing their client’s confidential files!
One of the main objections that I receive from potential customer’s is the fact that they trust paper, they have been using paper all of their lives, they know where they left that piece of paper; they can physically touch that piece of paper.

If this is how you feel, answer the following questions:

  • What if you experienced a disaster in your office, maybe a fire or flood, how would you deal with that loss of information?
  •  What if a client contacted you and asked for a letter that they sent 4 years ago, it is not in their file and you have no way of finding it?
  •  What if your regulatory body contacted you and wanted to perform an audit but the information you keep is not stored or structured in the legal manner?
  •  What if a previous client was threatening to take you to court – would you really be able to lay your hands on the originals of all documents?
Many companies sit back and never expect a disaster to occur. If you look at the questions above and think, if any of these things happen to me then I will look at investing in a solution, the chances are that it would be too late.
I have worked within this industry for many years and I have seen first hand the impact of losing client information. Many businesses will not recover.

Technology has revolutionised the way in which we store documents. Businesses now have the ability to scan documents and store them electronically, and with help from leading solutions integrators such as Copyrite it can be done in a compliant and effective way.

There are some simple criteria that need to be met when storing electronic documents. BSI BIP 0008 (Parts 1, 2 and 3) is the current British Standard Document relating to ‘Legal Admissibility and Evidential Weight of Information Stored Electronically’ and is a major source of information on these criteria. Your solutions will help you select technology, such as Invu, that can deliver to these guidelines and will help you implement that.

If you would like to talk to us about Electronic Document Management or find out how we can help - visit http://www.copyrite.co.uk/ or call us on 01202 848866.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Case Study: London Virtual Offices & Vicarage House Business Centre

These two key brands of Vicarage Management represent leadership in Serviced Offices in the prestigious Kensington district of London.
Established in 1989 and servicing over 100 clients, Vicarage Management offers suites and services in a carefully restored period building.

Business Challenge:
The business developed a strategy for growth that revealed the requirement for a technology plan and its successful implementation.
The challenge for Vicarage Management was finding a partner that could interpret and execute the technical aspects linking with business processing, driving change without interrupting the excellent levels of service provided.

Copyrite were able to provide single source provision and support of the technologies involved, covering the IT infrastructure, print/copy/scan, structured cabling, network services to the building and within it, secure wireless systems, integration with our telecommunications partner, and web design and deployment.
Existing systems were upgraded to reduce ongoing costs and improve the service to clients. This also delivered an improvement in business process, reducing the effort to take on and manage clients.

Importantly for Vicarage Management, Copyrite was able to implement change in a way that enhanced services. These could be marketed to Vicarage's clients, providing an additional income stream for the business centre. These included:
  • The introduction of centralised print services
  • An It Helpdesk for centralised support
  • Secure wireless internet access
  • Centralised data backup services
  • E-commerce booking of office services

Business Benefits:
Luke Trusselle, Business Manager at Vicarage Management, commented "Copyrite has provided the clear and direct technology leadership that we are looking for, with truly excellent delivery. They are a very welcome and integral part of our team."