Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The Changing Business Environment

Copyrite Business Solutions are able to provide Law Firms such as yours with a Total Solution. We are able to deliver integrated solutions. We pride ourselves on being able to offer the latest products from a wide selection of manufacturers including Ricoh, HP, Microsoft, Equitrac, IBM, eCopy and INVU.

eCopy in the Legal Industry
We understand that Law is a document intensive field. Regardless of the size of the law firm, documents must be efficiently managed and made available quickly and securely to a variety of audiences including clients, courts, partners and other law firms. eCopy provides the connecting link between digital copiers/scanners and a law firm's back end systems, enabling employees to move scanned forms between offices. Employees can send and receive paper documents quickly, easily and inexpensively.
They can also fill out paper forms directly on their PC's, avoid long waits at busy fax machines, and effectively archive all of their paper-based communications.
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"£40 Million a day wasted"
The survey, commissioned by INVU and completed by YouGov, quizzed 858 managers and directors of small businesses across the UK.
It found that time and money is being wasted by looking for documents that have been lost, moved or mis-filed, with 80% of managers and directors wasting up to one hour a day searching, costing £88 per person on average.
Almost a quarter of those surveyed have already implemented a digital document management system; they agreed that this solution enabled them to look for or search through archived documents quickly and easily.
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Friday, February 5, 2010

Let us Help Your Business Stand Out and Grow

This Valentine's Day it is highlighted to us all just how important relationships are
Copyrite understand the importance of saving money
Copyrite understand the importance of running efficiently
Copyrite understand the importance of keeping a green environment
And because good business relationships are also important to us we would like to help you with all of the above
We are offering a FREE Print Audit which will help you get the best out of your office equipment. To find out more, please email and we will get straight back to you.
And what's more - If you book a Print Audit before the 11th February you wil be entered into a prize draw in which we are giving away four £50 vouchers for
. . . . . just in time for Valentine's day!
(the draw will take place on the 12th Feb and the winners emailed the same day)