Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Keep pace with regulation without losing your breath

If there's one issue that dominates the working life of any financial advisor, it's how to maintain compliance with FSA regulations. With many documents now having to be held on file indefinitely and available on demand within two working days, the pressure to do so has never been greater. Failure to demonstrate compliance carries serious consequences. Thankfully, help is at hand.

Electronic Document Management from Invu stores all your paperwork at the touch of a button in one easily accessible location. Keeping pace with compliance has never been easier.

· Locate and display any document in under three seconds
· Automatically create a secure and infallible audit trail
· Adhere to the Freedom of Information Act
· Track where your documents go, when and by whom
· Store files securely with unique password access
· Wipe out needless external storage costs

"Following the implementation of Invu's document management system, we have managed to take around 200,000+ client files out of the sales locations. We estimate that this has led to a 23% increase in efficiency and time saving for our administrative staff."
The Millfield Partnership

Now you need look no further than Invu to solve your compliance concerns.
To see what a difference it could make to your business immediately, call 01202 848866 or visit our website

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