Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Copyrite sponsor Cricket Club

Sarisbury Athletic CC is an Associate Club of Hampshire Cricket in the Community

Copyrite are pleased to be one of the main sponsors for Sarisbury Athletic Cricket Club. The sponsorship is really important as it enables the club to keep their membership fees at a reasonable cost. This means cricket as a sport is available to all in the local community. 

Good luck Chaps!

Case Study - Dorset Orthopaedic

Dorset Orthopaedic were having problems with poor print quality, reliability, and the cost of expensive consumables 

About the Company: 
As an independent provider of prosthetic, orthotic and rehabilitation services, Dorset Orthopaedic pride themselves in continually seeking to understand a clients' unique requirements and deliver what they need. It's this bespoke service and attention to detail that has gained them their reputation for quality and personalised service for almost 30 years.

Business Challenge:
The company owned a fleet of HP laser printers. The print quality was poor, there were reliability issues and lengthly machine breakdowns affected productivity. The lack of a service agreement resulted in extra work for the IT department who were responsible for fixing any problems. 
Being able to print documents quickly was essential for the company's processes as it allowed them to respond faster to their clients' complex needs and provide an excellent service.
The consumables were expensive with around £650 a month being spent on printer cartridges alone.

To improve the situation it was decided to replace the printers with MFDs (multi-functional devices).  This would lower the cost of print significantly. A service contract was put in place to ensure machine downtime was kept to a minimum, as well as maintaining high print quality.
Adam Willsher, Director at Copyrite, explained: "As a solution; 4 multifunctional devices have been employed across the company and a higher speed printer is now utilised in the legal department where they print high end documents. The automatic toner ordering feature makes logistics seamless"

 - TO find out what Benefits the solution has provided to the company, read the full case study on our website.

Thursday, June 8, 2017

Announcement - expands in to EU

We are pleased to announce our new expansion in the EU and agreeing to appoint our first overseas VAR F’act Design in Amsterdam Holland .
F’act Design have been a Worldox reseller for some years now, and have regularly come across the need for a low-cost document storage solution.  Such a solution is most economical when it’s not held on the clients premises; a cloud solution would be perfect.  Until now Worldox USA weren’t able to provide this offer to anyone within the EU due to date storage regulations.  We are pleased to announce that is now hosted and replicated in the UK which means that F’act Design can to assist their clients in striving for compliance with the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR: coming in to force in spring 2018).
F’act Design has successfully migrated its first existing Worldox GX3 customer to, including managing end-user training to show the additional features and interface in GX4 Productivity Suite.
We are seeking further VAR’s dealers in the EU to assist in distribution of, please contact us if you are interested?

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Are your paper documents ready for the new legislation? Businesses have less than 12 months to prepare for GDPR...

GDPR is the European Union's General Data Protection Regulation. 
Here is our summary:
  • Individuals will be given more control over how their data is used
  • Data must be portable between service providers
  • Policies must be more transparent and easy to understand
  • Privacy and Security needs to be introduced to workflows
  • Much bigger fines
This is great news for consumers, but it presents a complex challenge for businesses. 

Challenges and Penalties 
You are probably familiar with the 'cookie law' which focuses on website opt-ins. GDPR, however, goes much further. 
Users will be able to demand the full deletion of all their details for instance, as well as ask for their data in a portable format that can be transferred between data processing entities. 
Penalties for not complying with the new regulation are huge. It can trigger a fine of up to 20 million euros or 4% of total revenue, whichever is the greater. Note: that is revenue and not profit they measure, which could be particularly painful for smaller businesses. Can your company really afford to take a 4% hit on revenues?

When must businesses act and how?
The law will come into force across Europe in May 2018 and applies to businesses of all sizes. While that is still a considerable distance away, the complexities surrounding GDPR should be heeded with care.
According to Computer Weekly, 44% of IT professionals are unaware of the incoming rules. And a separate piece of research by Dell suggests 97% of all businesses don't have a plan in place to deal with GDPR.
To help companies ensure their paper records adhere - here are some areas to consider:

1. Can you locate all the information you need?
Before you can de-personalise or delete information you need to be able to find it. The reforms will enforce the consumer's 'right to be forgotten' in European law and businesses will need to respond to requests to delete personal information. Unfortunately, while it may be easy to remove digital data from a record or database, hard copies are far more difficult to locate, monitor and dispose of. 

2. How many copies of your documents exist?
Be aware that paper often leads a double or triple life. Clearly defined processes for managing information from creation to secure destruction may not be enough on their own. Paper can slip through the cracks of the strictest information classification and storage policies, simply by being copied or printed and left lying around, carelessly disposed of, or even removed from a secure building.

3. How do you guarantee privacy of the documents?
The GDPR aims to ensure privacy during information production, management and disposal. For paper this will all be about information handling processes. Organisations should make it difficult, if not impossible, for unauthorised people to access or make copies of documents that carry personal information. 

There is an easier option.
Digitising your paper files and managing them with a document management system will give you a complete control over your documents and keep them secure. 

Please speak to Ava today on 03332 413 055 to arrange a free consultation or email us

Case Study - DG Law

DG Law has improved response times, efficiency and security with Worldox Document Management System.

About the company:
A boutique law firm based in central London, DG Law helps individuals, directors and businesses to resolve - and avoid - legal problems.

Business Challenge:Legal firms generate large amounts of paperwork where many documents are required to be kept for years. Paper was taking up valuable office space. Staff were hired just for filing. Searching for any information was inefficient.

Large amounts of information and documents were conveyed by emails which was hard to track. 
Information on clients and matters was held in different areas i.e. some electronic format, some paper format and some in email format.

A number of solutions were reviewed and Worldox Document Management was the best fit. 

Worldox allows you to work flexibly with full integration with Microsoft Office including Outlook. All data for a particular client is in one place without the need to switch applications. Searching for documents is very easy and allows the fee earners to respond to queries immediately. 

The need to review documents online was a concern. However this was easily fixed by fee earners having two or three large monitors. Worldox allows them to annotate the digital files which helps with reviewing and adding notes. 

Every person in the office has a scanner which allows them to turn any incoming paper document into an electronic format as early as possible. 


To find out the full benefits that Worldox has brought to DG Law and what the Director has to say, read the rest of the case study on our website

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Copyrite are supporting Hampshire Cricket for 2017

Copyrite's David Beale and Ava Lambert with the team
We have renewed our sponsorship agreement with Hampshire Cricket.

Hampshire Cricket Commercial Director, Stuart Robertson said: "We are delighted to have renewed our long-standing agreement with Copyrite which represents a genuine, mutually beneficial partnership for both parties"

Ian Stewart, Director at Copyrite commented: "We are proud to sponsor Hampshire Cricket as we feel sport pays an important role in the local community. We always enjoy the games and many of our customers have experienced the superb corporate hospitality which Hampshire Cricket has to offer. We are looking forward to the forthcoming season and wish all players and staff a very successful 2017"

We can't wait for the T20s to start :-) Go Hampshire!

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Copyrite is now Partnering with Fujitsu

Copyrite are please to announce that we are now Partnering with Fujitsu as our principal supplier of document scanners. Fujitsu are recognised as the market leader for quality and reliability.
The range starts from the simple portable S1100i to the Production range offering A3 135ppm. Our top seller is the 60ppm desktop fi-7160.
Fujitsu fi-7160
The exceptional PaperStream software included with the fi- range incorporates as standard, highly sophisticated image processing that automatically applies features such as noise removal, background pattern removal, character augmentation and and zonal recognition to produce exceptionally clear, high quality images that are suitable for direct import into the users' workflow.
Fujitsu scanners are a perfect fit with our document management system, with direct integration with scan to
Please speak to us on 01202 848866 or via email for a demonstration on how Fujitsu Scanner or can improve business efficiency and space saving with document storage.

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Testimonial Video

Here is our fantastic new client Testimonal Video produced by Bullet Media, and featuring some lovely people. No need to say too much about it, we'll let our clients speak for themselves.

For this and other Copyrite Videos, see our YouTube channel

Friday, February 3, 2017 Added Value Offer

The amazing value  Document Management software is now even better.

Until July 2017 we are including the enhanced features of Worldox Productivity Suite (being Task Reminders, Workflows and Event Notify), added to the current extras of Nuance PDF Enterprise and Trumpet Symphony: meaning our offers extraordinary value for money with unrivalled features for a low per user monthly cost.

If you would like to see a demonstration at your offices or via remote GoToMeeting sharing screen, please give us a call on (03332) 413 055 or email us quoting Worldox Added Value Offer